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Whirlpool Baths by Luna Spas - your home spa experience

Please see below the fantastic range of whirlpools baths we specify and build below, from the 14 jet Quantum range to the pinnacle of hydrotherapy the Tranquility Pools. All baths are made to order and thus we can build them to your exacting needs and specification, should you require specific control positions, more jets and simply bath grips for easy access we can do it for you. Please note the whirlpool baths we build are eligible for disability VAT relief please contact us how to do this before ordering.

First we will guide you through all things whirlpool by looking at the following questions.

  • Safety and Guarantee from Luna Spas

    We offer everything you need to transform your bathroom into your own home spa experience. By stocking styles from the best brands you can be sure to find a style that suits your exacting desires and with our large choice of tailor made whirlpool systems, you can truly create your individual showpiece.

    Rest assured that our promise to you is that our whirlpool baths are designed and built to meet the highest safety and hygiene standards and all our whirlpool baths come with a comprehensive 5 year guarantee - the bath shells carry either a 20 year guarantee for the acylic baths and a 30 year guarantee for the reinforced Carronite / Armatec finishes.

  • 1. How does a whirlpool bath work?

    Water is pushed through the whirlpool jets, in the side of the bath, by the integral water pump. This action creates a vacuum, drawing water back through the suction filter. This cyclical process creates the home spa experience, providing you with an invigorative hydro massage with proven health benefits. Health benefits include reduction of muscle tension, reliving fatigue and aiding a good nights sleep. Please click on the links to read more about the therapies and lifestyle benefits we promote at Luna Spas hydro therapy, chromo therapy and thermotherapy. For a full description please read the following article.

  • 2. What to look for when buying a whirlpool bath

    There is so much and at such varying degrees of quality offered online when it comes to whirlpool baths. As with all things the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. Obviously once installed these products are not easily replaced. Keep in mind a cheap whirlpool bath can cause you major headaches, these can include leaks, noisy pumps and general unpleasantness. We have put together a guide of what makes the best whirlpool baths. Please give this a read it should hopefully help you when comparing products online.

  • 3. What makes Luna Spas systems the best in the market?

    At Luna Spas safety comes first, which is why we fit Safe-Flow technology to all our systems. We strongly advise against purchasing or installing a system that does not have this technology installed. Not only is it piece of mind protecting from hair or body parts being pulled against the suction filter but it also protects pump and the system as a whole ensuring longevity, hence our long 5 year guarantee.

    We have over 15 years experience in designing and fitting whirlpool systems to baths. We believe in only fitting the best components and quietest pumps to our systems. This is testament by number of repeat clients we have who opt to purchase a new bath from us when they move to a new place as they cant bare living without their whirlpool bath. A Luna Spas whirlpool system will give you years of trouble free ownership.

    As well as safety we are also conscious of questions some clients have about the hygienic qualities of whirlpool systems. Technology has moved on significantly in the last 30 years, we always spec and fit the latest technology. Our systems are fitted with rigid pipe work, which doesnt sag like the cheap flexi pipe, which most companies use. The flexi pipe over time will sag and cause water to sit in the system leading to a build up of slime. Unlike cheaper systems, all our jets, suction filters and pumps we use are fully self draining and do not trap soap particles etc. that can give bacteria a place to grow, making them the most hygienic systems available.

  • 4. Are whirlpool baths difficult to install?

    The first thing to note is that whirlpool baths are very simple to install, they come ready to go and are in effect plug and play. They simply plumb in as you would a normal bath, the electrician then connects to a standard power supply and thats it, thats all it takes to start enjoying all the benefits a whirlpool bath can bring. For further tips on how to install a whirlpool bath please click here.

  • 5. How to get the most out your own home spa experience

    Here at Luna Spas, we not only sell whirlpool baths but we sell lifestyle as well. Ownership of a whirlpool bath should be so much more than just a bath it should be an experience to help invigorate or relax you; preparing you for a restful sleep and ease tired tense muscles. To get the most out of your whirlpool bath we wrote the following article including practical bathing tips about how warm the water should be and what aromas can help you get your mind ready for the awakening your body is soon to feel.

  • 6. Still have a question about how to integrate a bath into your bathroom?

    We are always here to provide hints and tips to all things whirlpool bath related. Please either call us on 01254 786 444

    Or perhaps you'd prefer to write? Use our Contact page