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Whirlpool Baths by Luna Spas

Please see below the fantastic range of whirlpools baths we specify and build below, from the 14 jet Quantum range to the pinnacle of hydrotherapy the Tranquility Pools. All baths are made to order and thus we can build them to your exacting needs and specification, should you require specific control positions, more jets and simply bath grips for easy access we can do it for you. Please note the whirlpool baths we build are eligible for disability VAT relief please contact us how to do this before ordering.

First we will guide you through all things whirlpool by looking at the following questions.

  • What is a whirlpool bath?
  • How does a whirlpool bath work?
  • Why do whirlpool baths from Luna Spas give the best massage
  • Is a Jacuzzi different to a whirlpool bath?
  • What is the difference between a whirlpool and an air spa?

What is a whirlpool bath?

The modern whirlpool bath, or Jacuzzi was invented back in the 1950s by Mr Jacuzzi. The catalyst was that his son began to suffer from arthritis and he created the whirlpool bath to help with this and in doing so became a pioneer of hydrotherapy. The results had a significant impact that wasnt just therapeutic, but also very relaxing, healing and soothing. These qualities quickly cemented the reputation as a aspirational product for the wealthy and privileged.

  • A whirlpool bath gives you a sophisticated recreation and simulation of the original spa experience so many of us cherish and find unforgettable.
  • This luxurious healing process not only offers you a relaxing and unique bath time that you just wont find elsewhere on the market.
  • It is without doubt the best therapy for painful muscles and swollen joints. Let alone the immeasurable benefits to the mind body and soul.
  • A whirlpool bath is renowned as an essential therapeutic device for senior citizens, elderly people or those who suffer from chronic pain. Today, they are easily available at an affordable price.

How does a whirlpool bath work?

Water drawn through the suction filter in the side of the bath will then be directed to the baths water pump, using vacuum technology. The water pump then evenly and quickly distributes the pumped water to the numerous jets in the bath, so they, in turn, can release powerful bubbles that will serve as your massage hands. It literally is a cyclical process drawing energy from one water cycle to the next to generate an authentic whirlpool feel.

It must be noted that this type of bath does not keep the water in it constantly warm. Once time has passed it will get cool depending on the temperature of the room. If you want constantly hot or warm water in your bath, you can top up the bath with water with the right temperature or alternatively specify a thermotherapy heater.

Zone therapy How we create the ultimate massage

The Concept behind Zone Therapy is to create a balance between the correct jet with the correct size and pressure, to precisely target key pain trigger points. These are located in our soft tissue and muscles. They are the chief natural cause of myofacialpain syndrome in these areas. Zone Therapy was designed in conjunction with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists to help alleviate and deal with the impact of this malady on our mind and bodies.

On closer inspection the cause of the syndrome begins when over stimulated sarcomeres are chemically prevented from releasing from their interlocked state. Normally, when a muscle is working, its sarcomeres act like tiny pumps, contracting and relaxing to circulate blood through the capillaries that supply their metabolic needs. When sarcomeres in a trigger point hold their contraction, blood flow essentially stops in the immediate area. The resulting oxygen starvation and accumulation of the waste products of metabolism, irritates the trigger point.

The trigger point responds to this emergency by sending out pain signals.( which are due to what the doctors call 'hyperirritability' of the trigger point.) Trigger points cause a condition known as myofascialpain syndrome.

The trigger points can produce pain locally as well as spread to other areas. Very often the muscles most affected with trigger points are those of posture.

The hypothesis is that,

In normal circumstances, an event of muscular overload causes a prolonged release of Ca2+ion from the sarcoplasmic reticulum (storage unit for the muscle cell) which results in a sticking of the untrained or overloaded cells.

This leads to a compression of capillaries and results in an increased local energy demand and local ischemia (loss of blood circulation) to the area. This in turn causes the release of chemicals that augment pain activity to alert you to the imbalance.

A successful treatment protocol relies on identifying trigger points, and resolving them. If all trigger points have been deactivated, then it is best to elongate the structures (relieve gravitation pressure) affected along their natural range of motion and length. Treatment of trigger points may be by massage, mechanical vibration, pulsed ultrasound, as well as other various methods (jets in a spa) of pressure stimulating blood flow. The five muscle groups and areas most at risk are listed below.

    The Sub occipital
  • Made up of three muscle groups covered by dense fibre fatty tissue.
  • These muscles provide fine motor function in the movements of the head.
  • When these muscles become overworked, the tension in these trigger points can cause headaches and stiffness.

  • Trapezius
  • Large superficial muscles that extend from the thoracic vertebrae to the shoulder blade. Also extends to the head.
  • Stress often causes stiffness in this region.
  • Over worked or stiff traps can lead to a heavy feeling all the way to the upper back neck or jaw pain.

  • Paraspinal
  • These muscles are adjacent to the spine and provide the motor movements to the spine.
  • They can be directly injured or can cause problems indirectly when they spasm.
  • A spasm occurs when a muscle tightens up caused by excess lactic acid and calcium. The blood vessels become constricted and causes back pain.

  • Lumbosacral
  • This region is where lower back muscles attach the spine to the hip bones.
  • A large and dense group of muscles and ligaments to help lift and twist the torso.
  • Lower back pain is most commonly caused by muscle strain associated with heavy lifting, bending or twisting in awkward positions.

  • Gluteal
  • Large group of muscles whose main job is to maintain an erect posture.
  • Remarkably coarse in structure, large bundles of muscles connect the legs and hip bones.
  • There are three trigger points in this region.
  • It can become tense enough to compress the blood vessels and nerve causing numbness..

Is a Jacuzzi different to a whirlpool bath?

There is no real difference between the two - theyre essentially the same product that speaks to the same desire to attain and indulge in a superior bathing experience. Jacuzzi is in effect a brand name for whirlpool baths, similar to Hoover vacuums or Tannoy public address systems, this is a timeless, shining example of excellent brand/product crossover.

If youre looking for a Jacuzzi / whirlpool bath or hot tub, theres really no reason to go specifically for the Jacuzzi brand, beyond ostentation and novelty. In fact, shopping on our website is much more cost-effective and practical. We believe our systems to be at least equally competent and more proficient in a like for like comparison. Our systems are produced to rigorous standards that exceed even those of the modern baths that Jacuzzi are producing. Jacuzzi maybe the name you have heard of but it doesnt mean they are the best.

What is the difference between a whirlpool bath and an air spa bath?

These are two separate systems that can be used individually or in conjunction with each other to create a powerful hydromassage. Put simply the whirlpool jets are located in the side walls of the bath and are in effect water jets. The recirculated water is pumped through these and the air spa jets are on the base of the bath and they blow warm pre-heated currents of air to gentle lift you from the base of the bath. This is true of our entry level Quantum systems and most whirlpool and air spas baths out there, however look further down the page to see what really separates our Super Lux and Tranquility systems from the rest of the market.

  • What makes the whirlpool baths from Luna Spas the best available?

    At Luna Spas we do not compromise on quality or craftsmanship. We offer bespoke high end whirlpool baths, specified and installed by us, to some of the best bath tub brands, manufactured in the UK and EU. Through years of experience we have built strong relationships with manufacturers and suppliers a like. This ensures we can supply the best bespoke whirlpool baths available, always at the forefront of design and technology. For us, the main focus for our whirlpool systems is performance, comfort and protection, so there was never a doubt in specifying C-Lenda and EnviroJets by Markon.

    What makes the whirlpool air spa baths by Luna Spas the best money can buy?

    What separates us from the rest of the market is with our Super Lux and Tranquillity bath offerings. It should be noted that with the Tranquillity systems and Super Lux systems (fitted with the air spas power boost). The air spa blower can be diverted from the base jets and directed through the whirlpool jets, this allows for the most powerful or soothing water massage and all in between. This truly is the gold standard of whirlpool air spa / jacuzzi baths out there.

    Please read on to understand the different options we have on offer at Luna Spas and the impeccable pedigree of the parts we fit.

    • Who are Markon and why do you specify them?
    • What is C-Lenda and which systems is it installed on?
    • What jets are fitted to the Quantum range of whirlpool baths?

    Who are Markon?

    Markon Logo

    Markon share the same ambition as we do, which is not only to be the best in the market but offer a range of products to make luxury bathing an affordable lifestyle experience. Markon have been on a pursuit of excellence and at the forefront of whirlpool design for over 20 years. As a company they are almost solely focussed on producing components for whirlpool baths; fitting anything else to our baths would have been a compromise.

    For a full company profile please click here.

  • What is C-Lenda and which systems is it installed on?

    C-Lenda is the lowest profile jet in the world. Put simply the C-Lenda range of products are the best in the market. Nothing has been left to chance, every aspect of the technology has been designed for your total comfort. It is a completely flush fitting whirlpool system, compromising of Markons worldwide patented high grade stainless steel mounts. These are the perfect example of form and function combining, providing easily adjustable controls and invigorating jet massage performance. Offering the ultimate in comfort by providing a continuous bathing surface and also having a timeless style and depth of finish that will always please. Add to this a super safe suction system and there really isnt a better system available out there. So when specifying our Super Lux and Tranquillity whirlpools systems there was never a doubt in us choosing the flush fitting C-Lenda system.

    Unlike the vast majority of whirlpool systems available on the Internet, this system:

    • Will not protrude into your bath, the ergonomic design of the C-Lenda jets make for the most relaxing of spas experience.
    • Will not trap soap and debris around the jets due to the patented stainless steel mounts and will thus be very easy to clean.
    • Will not discolour, peel and age like most other systems available, ensuring the high quality look and finish will last for many, many years.
    • Will not continually draw from the suction filter if an obstruction such as a flannel or body part is drawn to it. Read more about the Safe-Flow suction technology here.
    • Will not cause any hair line cracking to appear around the jets after years of use, preserving the quality and beauty of your C-Lenda flush jet system.

  • What jets are fitted to the Quantum range of whirlpool baths?

    For our Quantum range of whirlpool baths we decided to specify jets from Markons EnviroJet series due value and performance. Not only are these jets stylish but they are also self draining, reducing the chance of any bath residue building up which can lead to bacteria. For more information on what makes Luna Spas whirlpools the most hygienic available please read this article. The jets are also designed to only allow water in when the whirlpool system is operated, this means that the pipes remain dry and clean when used as a bath only. This, coupled with the fact the jets have a 15 degree drain slope, makes for one of the most hygiene-friendly systems available.

    Please read on to find out what makes sets this system apart:

    • The back and foot multi jets are compact, low profile and ergonomically designed. As such they are ideally suited for tension zones and lumbar regions.
    • We install them in clusters of 4 to offer up a concentrated back and foot massage.
    • The body jets are 45mm wide, have a high aeration action and are adjustable in direction to help you focus on muscle tension.
    • They have a bright chrome finish and are low profile in design.
    • The chrome suction filter is fitted with Safe-Flo technology and can handle the high flow rates from the ESPA pump. Please click here to see why you never use a whirlpool bath that doesnt have this feature.
    • The filter also self drains minimising bacterial growth.

    • Order Online or use the contact information below to get in touch.

  • What controls our whirlpool baths?

    Depending on the system you choose depends on what control we fit. All our controls are aesthetically beautiful and built to last.

    • For our Quantum systems we fit a C-Lenda flush pneumatic chrome control. Where possible this is mounted in to the sidewall of the bath, as we feel this looks the best. This control is a simple push on push off control; it is always complemented with an air control to adjust the air mix coming back through the jets.
    • Our Super Lux systems are fitted with a circular electronic control. These controls are tailored to the options you specify. The standard system is supplied with 1x control with one touch button inside. If you opt for an air spas or LED chromotherapy light the control will have a 2 function control. Should you choose all 3 options you will have a 2x circular electronic controls.
    • The Tranquility systems are fitted with a state of the art glass touch control. This clever piece of kit houses all the functions behind a slick black glass surround. To operate all the whirlpool functions you simply have to rest your finger on the relevant icon to activate. Wherever possible this control is mounted into the wall of the bath, for some baths this is not applicable and so the control will be mounted into the top ledge of the bath.

  • Still have a question?

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