Mira, Mode Bath Fill Valve Only (Pumped for Gravity)

Ref: 1.1874.018

  • From 450.00

The perfect accompaniment for the Jet Fill.

Experience digital technology at the push of a button with the Mira Mode digital bathfill. Its stylish push-button controller is the epitome of minimalist design, perfectly suited to your contemporary bathroom with its luxurious chrome finish. Designed to fast-fill your bath to your precise temperature selection. Valve only option.

Precise Control - Precise thermostatic temperature control with adjustable maximum temperature setting, ensuring safer bathing for all the family. Simply rotate the controller to discover your ideal temperature.

Powerful Performance - Enjoy a fast-fill bath with up to 15 litres per minute fill rate from the Jet Fill / overflow bath filler.

Added Luxury - Use the free Mira Showers app to warm-up your shower before you get in, set the shower duration and maximum temperature.

Minimalist Design - Luxurious chrome finish with stylish LED lights on the controller.

Easy to use - Simple push button controller makes it easy to use for all the family. Plus additional on/off remote control can be placed outside the bath area.