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Whirlpool Bath Cleaner Products

When you have a luxury whirlpool bath you need to make sure you have some sort of whirlpool bath cleaner too.

Our range of cleaners are great if you want to protect your bath and ensure it always runs smoothly. Whirlpool baths need just a little more care than a traditional bath, but with one of our cleaners, it’s easy to keep the whirlpool system clean and ensure you don’t run into any problems when it comes to bath time.

Our range of cleaning products provide great value for money and work with all the tubs we sell on site.


Features of Our Whirlpool Bath Cleaners

Now you may be wondering what is needed to clean a whirlpool bath. Because of the jets, it’s slightly different than cleaning a traditional bath.

What is a whirlpool bath cleaner?

This type of cleaner helps to stop the build-up of any bacteria within the jet system internally. When the system isn’t cleaned properly, you would expect to be a slight accumulation of elements like soap and scale, which you obviously can’t see externally.

What are benefits of using a whirlpool bath cleaner?

Benefits of using this type of cleaner include:

  • Keeping the jet system at an optimal level of performance
  • Prolonging the lifespan of the tub
  • Preventing damage to pipes
  • Removes odours that traditional cleaning products may not be able to


A Veritable Range to Choose From 

We have a select range of cleaning products available here:

  • Luna, Whirlpool Bath Cleaner, suitable for all systems
  • Luna, Whirlpool Sterilising Tabs, suitable for all systems

Both are tried, tested and approved by the team here at Luna Spas. The type of cleaner you want just depends on how you plan on cleaning your whirlpool bath.

The liquid cleaner can be poured in to the bath with water to help remove any small deposits and prevent build up in the jet system.

Customers love the convenience of our sterilising tabs. When you’re finished bathing, you just pop one tab in the tub and continue to run the jets for five minutes. Just one tab will completely sterilise the system effectively.


Why Choose Luna Spas? 

We strive to use the best products at Luna Spas and that’s why we only stock a small range of whirlpool cleaners.

As experts, we have used many different cleaners over the years and herald the liquid and tabs currently on site as the best for keeping a whirlpool bath in the best shape possible.

Baths with a jet system don’t need to be cleaned after every use, but when you need to do it in 4-5 week intervals, the effortlessness these cleaners gives you makes them ideal.


Order Online Conveniently

Bought a whirlpool bath and don’t know how to clean it? Read our guide on how often you need to clean a whirlpool bath.

If you want to know more about the cleaning products and which would best suit your tub, get in touch with us via email or by phone. We’ll help make sure your bath stays in tip-top shape.

  • Luna, Whirlpool Bath Cleaner, suitable for all systems

    Luna, Whirlpool Bath Cleaner, suitable for all systems

      • From 19.99
    Luna, Whirlpool Bath Cleaner, suitable for all systems

    Luna, Whirlpool Bath Cleaner, suitable for all systems

    Ref: CLEANER

    • From 19.99